Our Story

The Palm Deli is celebrating 10 years of high quality food, and an extraordinary deli and wine shop.

Paradise For Your Palate!

The Palm Deli came to life after 2 years of the owners anticipating it's birth.  Patience, persistance and the crede; "Ask, Believe, Receive" is how the Palm became a reality.  The previous business (Piggie Market and Deli) closed down after being an anchor in the community for over 25 years.  While fate was out of our hands, the name Piggie Market had to be put to rest. 

We settled on the name The Palm Deli because of our passion for the relaxed, comfortable and inviting feeling we get when we are surrounded by palm trees.  With the new name, new ownership, a fresh, clean new look and a new menu - the Palm Deli is here.  The Glaums have enjoyed creating a new place in history for the Palm Deli. The location gives way to a diverse clientele; students, professionals, beach goers, sports fans and moms or dads looking for a quick take home dinner for their family. 

We want our customers to feel comfortable no matter what they are wearing or doing. We are primarily a take-out deli/market but we do have a few tables for those who would like to stay and enjoy the relaxing environment that we like to call our paradise. We hope you will come by and visit soon. Make sure you say hi and introduce yourself so we can get to know you and begin what we hope to be a lasting relationship for years to come. The Palm Deli welcomes ALL! 

Family and community are everything to The Palm Deli as is the passion they share for local, sustainable and quality foods.